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Lydia Czolacz is a graphic designer who explores the interdisciplinary relationship between Graphic Design and Art. Her practice explores unconscious methodologies leading to the creation of Surreal environments whilst embarking on a personal journey to combine her imagination with contemporary digital software.

Her recent exhibition Fluidity, Arcade, Huddersfield(2019)investigated the unconscious process of marbling and its place in contemporary Graphic Design. This showcase was part of her PhD that she is currently undertaking at the University of Huddersfield and is part of a wider analysis of what it means to be a contemporary Surrealist female practitioner. This new work extends her engagement with the Surreal tradition in Graphic Design first encountered in her limited edition book Envoyer(2017) in which she encouraged other designers to delve into this world of the surreal.

Email: lydiaczolacz@hotmail.co.uk